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Pod Vapes

Pod Vapes or Pod Systems are simple to use and powerful vape devices on the market nowadays. Pod vapes can deliver a “cig-a-like” experience in a slightly different form factor.

Most pod system vapes come in similar designs and functionality principles. Once you understand how they work, you will realize that choosing the right one depends on nothing but your necessities and preferences.


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geek vape aegis 18w pod system

Geek Vape AEGIS 18W Pod System

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What is a Pod Vape?

A pod vape is practically a miniature vaping system working just like other vaping devices, but instead of tanks, they’re using so-called “Pods.” Vape pod system has a smaller pod capacity and max wattage adjustments than box mods or any other sub-ohm devices.

Some models come with power buttons, but usually they are automatic, and dragging will activate them.

How do pod Vapes Work?

A pod system is not a complex type of device; basically, it is a simplified version of more sophisticated vape mods. However, the operating principles are usually similar and various devices come with different strengths, pod sizes, designs, batteries and throat hit sensations.

  • Pod – this is usually the top part of the device. It comes with a cartridge for liquid nicotine. These cartridges usually hold one or two milliliters, yet they can also be larger. The mouthpiece is attached to the pod, but you can also find a pod vape system with multiple mouthpieces that can be removed or attached.
  • Battery – this is usually the largest part of the pod vape. Its size and shape vary widely, yet they are usually long and straight. The pod will actually snap into the battery for contact and operation. Generally speaking, batteries come with various bells and whistles. Some of them have LED indicators to notify you about the battery left.

How to Choose a Pod Vape

While working the same, pod system vapes come in all kinds of designs and styles, not to mention more important features like batteries. Some of the top-rated brands in this segment include Aspire, Smok, Asvape, Voopoo, and Uwell.

  • Battery life – the bigger and more powerful it is, the more you can smoke without charging the device.
  • Pod – refillable pods provide better value for money, as liquid is cheaper than pre filled pods.
  • Design – pod vapes are extremely diversified in terms of design, while some of them may even come with interchangeable skins.
  • Pod size – a larger pod will make the pod system look a bit bulky, but you can vape for longer times without having to keep liquid with you or recharge it.
  • Brand – since many systems come with proprietary pods, it might be a good idea to invest in a stable brand with a long-lasting reputation (like Vaporesso, Lost Vape, Smok) as compatible third party parts are almost impossible to find.
  • Price – decide on a budget before spending money on a pod vape.