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Vape Pens

​Vape pens dominate the vaping market these days. This type of vape is the best option for beginners because of their style and features.

They not only provide the same experience as a real cigarette, but they also bring the same sleek appearance and feel comfortable to hold and operate.

Vape pens are perfect on-the-go devices, that can be easily carried in your pocket anywhere where you want, especially comparing to the box mods that are much bigger and harder to operate and maintain.


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smok novo 4

SMOK Novo 4 25W Pod System

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smok vape pen v2 60w starter kit

SMOK Vape Pen V2 60W Starter Kit

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aspire k2 quick start kit

Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit

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aspire pockex aio starter kit

Aspire PockeX AIO Starter Kit

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joyetech ego aio all in one starter kit

Joyetech eGo AIO All-In-One Starter Kit

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vaporesso sky solo solo plus starter kit 2 1

Vaporesso SKY SOLO & SOLO PLUS Starter Kit

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innokin endura t18 ii starter kit 1

Innokin Endura T18 II Starter Kit

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innokin gala 30w pod system 1 3

Innokin GALA 30W Pod System

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suorin ishare ultra portable full starter kit 1 3

Suorin iShare Ultra Portable Full Starter Kit

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think vape asteroid pod system 1 3

Think Vape ASTEROID Pod System


What is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen is used to vaporize e-liquids for the user to inhale them. It is most commonly used with nicotine-based substances and it replicates the classic smoking. The liquid nicotine is vaporized and looks like smoke, while the user inhales and exhales it to get their nicotine dose.

Vape pens consist of a few different parts, which are similar throughout the range. They come with atomizers, coils, and containers for the liquid nicotine. Some of them can be refilled (like JUUL), while others must be replaced when empty.

How do Vape Pens Work?

Operating principles are similar when it comes to various vape pens. An element heats up and transforms liquid nicotine into vapors. The amount of thick vapors is impressive, so instead of feeling like steam, they feel like actual smoke.

  • Atomizer – this is one of the main parts in an e-pen. It is part of the tank and it has a mechanism to turn liquid nicotine into vapors. It usually comes with a coil, as well as a wick. The liquid is sucked in as the user inhales and turned into smoke, which goes straight to the smoker’s mouth. Atomizers wear out after a while, so they require regular replacements.
  • Battery – this is the second most important part in a vape pen. The better the battery, the longer you can vape without having to worry about losing power. The battery is quite large and represents the biggest part in a vape stick. Some of them bring in lots of adjustability in terms of wattage, so you get full control over the strength and throat hit.
  • Mouthpiece – there are more options out there. Some vape pens come with flat mouthpieces, which are comfortable to use, as they come between the lips without too much effort. Others have round mouthpieces and allow more vapors in as you inhale. The larger the opening, the stronger your throat hit will be.

How to Choose a Vape Pen?

Vape pens are quite diversified. Ideally, you should go with a reputable brand or manufacturer. Some of the top names on the list include asMODus, Aspire, Smok, Eleaf or iJoy, among many others.

  • Functionality – some units come with temperature control, wattage control and others.
  • Battery life – the longer it is, the more you can smoke without plugging vape pens in.
  • Design – vape pens are sleek and fine, but they also come with various patterns and styles.
  • Budget – a bundle for a large package will give you a better deal and more value for money.
  • Throat hit – the stronger it is, the more authentic your smoking experience will be.