Vape Mods

Those used to electronic cigarettes will find vape mods as a substantial upgrade to the classic cig. They can offer battery life capable of all-day-vaping gives you a stronger throat hit with bigger cloud production.

Box mods are named due to the modifications they go through for this upgrade. A vape mod originates in the classic vape pen, but it is enhanced with various features. Some of them are truly helpful, giving you the option to control your power range or adjust tank resistance, while others come as fancy bells and whistles.

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What is a vape mod?

Vape Box Mod is a perfect device for beginners looking for a new way to get a taste of high-end vaping technology. Most of the box mods can contain a high capacity battery (up to four), chip for power adjustments, tank system (RDA, RTA, Sub-Ohm Tanks), and other small features that can improve your vaping experience.

In most vape mods, you can adjust the strength of the throat hit, work on the wattage, and even operate the inhaling procedure. You get access to lots of settings and usually through a digital screen, turning vape box modes into actual gadgets.

How do vape mods work?

A vape box mode consists of more parts and each of them has its own specific role. Sure, there are a few bells and whistles that are not mandatory for a top-notch operation, but they certainly help in adjusting the experience.

  • Battery – this is often the largest part in a tube mod. Since it will put out a lot of smoke, it requires lots of power as well. The battery fuels the entire smoking procedure. The bigger and more powerful it is, the more you can use the vape pod without having to recharge it.
  • Atomizer – this is normally a chamber and hosts the liquid nicotine. Atomizers in tube mods will also convert the liquid into vapor. The atomizer also has a coil, which wears out with time and will need to be replaced on a regular basis.
  • Mouthpiece – sometimes, the mouthpiece is built into the atomizer. Most commonly, you can replace it yourself and opt between a few different options – flat for convenience or round for a stronger throat hit.

How to choose a vape mod

Whether you are looking at Mech mods, Squonk mods or DNA Box mods, it is important to go with a large brand, as products are continuous and you can always find parts.

  • Battery – you can choose between one and two batteries, as well as more or less power.
  • Adjustability – the power is often adjustable, but you should also opt for temperature settings.
  • Compatibility – a vape mod compatible with third party atomizers or tanks will save you money overtime.
  • Cartridge – most vape mods come with refillable cartridges, as pre filled alternatives are costly in the long run.
  • Price – decide on your budget before actually researching the market and considering products.