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Vaping is on the rise as people are embracing the benefits of odorless, convenient vaping devices that look and feel great. It’s easy to take a vape out and take a few puffs, putting it back in your pocket, as the flavorful odor will likely not cause any unneeded attention or inconvenience. Besides, things are much more flexible than with joints or cigarettes; you don’t need to smoke it until the very end after lighting it. 

As the vaping trend continues making waves in the consumer market, cannabis manufacturers are not lagging. Many brands have emerged to offer weed-infused vaping liquids and help consumers get the pain and anxiety relief they seek. Though the cannabis market is regulated much more rigorously than the CBD niche, it’s still legal to buy and consume THC-rich vapes in many states where weed is legal for medicinal and recreational use. Thus, choosing only top-quality products is vital, as THC is intoxicating and can cause unwanted toxicity or side effects from subpar products. 

Several brands are paving their way to cannabis consumers’ hearts with top-notch vaping offerings, and TRE House is one of them. Here’s a detailed review of the TRE House vape pen to help you make an informed buying decision and determine whether this product is good for you. 

Product Description
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The Delta-8+9+10+THC-P Wedding Cake vape pen by TRE House is a unique product in the modern cannabis market. It contains a total of 2,000mg THC per 2ml of the vaping liquid included in the device, and the cannabinoid blend in it is a rare find. You will hardly locate any other vaping pen with the full variety of THC subtypes in the American market, so this one is surely worth a try. The vaping juice comes with a natural flavor typical for the Wedding Cake strain from which the extract for this product was sourced. Thus, fans of an authentic cannabis smoking experience will surely find the aroma and taste on their tastebuds enjoyable. 

The high THC concentration suggests that users must exercise caution when using the device for the first time. The manufacturer recommends taking one puff and waiting 20 to 45 minutes to feel the full effects of that initial dose. The dosing may be increased only if the consumer feels fine and doesn’t experience any side effects, dizziness, or excessive intoxication. 

About TRE House 

TRE House is a company headquartered in California, working on premium-quality Delta THC blends for various consumer products. Their products are packed with health value, and the brand’s official mission is to produce the best recreational cannabis products possible. The company’s proprietary cannabinoid blend features THC-O, Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, HHC, and HXC – some rare cannabinoids users will hardly find in other product offerings. 

Expected Effects 

The manufacturer claims that consumers will feel relaxed and euphoric after vaping. It’s unsurprising, given the combination of Delta 8, 9, and 10 in the mix, coupled with THC-P, all known for mood elevation. Therefore, the product is commonly recommended to people suffering from depression or debilitating, stressful thoughts. The vape pen can improve the emotional balance and help the user feel uplifted and positive. 

Along with the brand’s promises, we have analyzed what people say about this product offering. Many users claim that the Delta 8, 9, and 10 concentration is too high for them, and some of them even complain of the excessive psychotropic effects after vaping. Therefore, it’s vital to exercise caution when choosing this vaping device for your self-indulging vaping session. The presence of 2,000mg of THC in a 2g vaping device is serious, so you can be blown away with 1-2 puffs if you’re a newbie or tolerate THC not that well. We recommend this product pick only to mature users who have already dealt with THC and know their optimal dosage more or less confidently. Besides, the vape is recommended in the evening or the second part of the day once you have completed all your daily duties and can chillax to the fullest. The effects of vaping may be pretty couch-locking, so you shouldn’t plan any demanding tasks after its consumption. 

Pros and Cons of TRE House’s Vape Pen 

So, based on the analysis presented above, let’s summarize the pros and cons of choosing this TRE House vape pen for your vaping experience. The advantages are as follows: 

  • The product is highly potent and concentrated, with 2,000mg in the 2ml vaping tank;
  • Authentic Wedding Cake flavor that many fans of this strain will appreciate;
  • Disposable vaping device that can be thrown in a trash bin after it’s over;
  • A unique blend of hemp compounds: Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, and THC-P;
  • Affordable price;
  • Organic, non-GMO components. 

The cons of this vaping product we’ve identified are: 

  • There is no CBD in the vaping liquid, which makes it less therapeutically beneficial than a CBD+THC blend; 
  • There are several Delta THC variants, which can cause adverse side effects because of the user’s sensitivity to one of the ingredients;
  • The high THC concentration makes the product psychotropic, which is unsuitable for newbies and can take a toll even on seasoned vapers. 

Thus, you should weigh these pros and cons before buying the vape device by TRE House. Besides, as you can see, it’s packed with a high THC concentration, so purchasing it may be illegal in many jurisdictions. So, make sure you study the laws and make sure you have the right to buy and consume such a THC-rich product – either get a subscription from your doctor or ensure you’re eligible under local legislation. 

Find Your Ideal Vaping Companion 

Cannabis vaping is a natural extension of the broader vaping trend that has taken the world by storm. Millions of people are trying vaping pens out as an alternative to smoking. Therefore, the vaping and liquids market is expected to grow and develop further. TRE House is one of the unique brands in this market niche, as it creates and disseminates potent, THC-packed products with psychoactive effects that only mature cannabis users can appreciate. Therefore, we recommend considering the TRE House Wedding Cake vape pen only if you already have prior cannabis consumption experience and are ready for the pronounced cerebral high it’s sure to cause. In all other terms, the product features impressive quality, purity of ingredients, and consistency of labeling with the actual content. It is among the products we genuinely recommend to those seeking top-quality providers of safe, predictable cannabis-infused merchandise on the modern market. 

Lana Braslavska

Lana Braslavska

The author of this material is Lana Braslavska, an expert in cannabis products and an ambassador of cannabis benefits for consumer health. She writes blogs for the audience of AskGrowers to keep people informed about the recent research findings and product innovations in the weed industry, bridging the knowledge gap and encouraging safe, responsible cannabis consumption.

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