Vaper’s Tongue: Learn Why it Happens and How To Fix it

Disclaimer: This is only an informative post that does not seek to replace medical advice.

Have you ever noticed that you no longer like the aroma in your ecig? It is your favorite flavor on the market, but it feels a bit dull out of nowhere. You cannot feel anything at all, while your tongue might feel a little numb. In the vaping industry, this issue is referred to as a vape tongue – while it may make you worry, it will not last forever, and it is not that serious. There are ways to get over it.

There are more ways to fix vaper’s tongue – sort of like homemade solutions. What works for some people may not always work for everyone else, so you might need to try a few different ideas. Most people experience this issue at some point or another. While there are no reasons to worry, you should certainly not ignore it.

Keep in mind that this is not medical advice. You will go through a few homemade solutions to help you overcome vape tongue, but you will also learn more about it and its causes. Although the affection is not recognized in the medical industry and there are no serious associations with it, you should still consult a specialist doctor if the issue involves severe symptoms and discomfort.

What Is Vape Tongue?

The vape tongue – also referred to as vape fatigue – is a general name that covers a few different issues related to the taste. Sometimes, the issue may cover a single flavor. Just like you have probably expected it, the problem will usually affect your favorite aroma. In other cases, it may aggravate a little and cover more foods and drinks too.

The first situation is the most common one. When you fail to taste various foods and drinks, the second one is more serious and may involve an actual medical condition. No matter how severe the affection is, the good news is it is temporary and there are a few things you can do to overcome it in no time – usually within days only.

Causes of Vape Tongue

Before moving on to the common ways to fix vaper’s tongue, you need to understand the causes. Most commonly, you can keep this issue away by simply trying to prevent it – knowing the causes will push you in the right direction.

Sticking to The Same Flavor

This is not a scientific cause, yet a very common one. If you stick to the same flavor for ages, chances are you will end up with a vape tongue. Most vapers will experience this issue every once in a while, so working on the flavor seems to be the quickest way to overcome it.

Damaged Buds

Taste buds may seem to last for a lifetime, but they can also get damaged. You may end up with vape tongue burn sensations or even vaping tongue bumps as a direct result. Causes are more diversified and can include smoking, spicy foods, sour foods, alcohol, or infections.

A Recent Switch to Vaping

Smoking will damage the smell and taste with time – not a permanent issue, though. If you have just quit smoking, you may still experience such problems. Even if you get your daily nicotine dose from an electronic cigarette, the change may lead to a vape tongue.


Although the vape tongue refers to vaping, other causes can be responsible for the same symptoms. Dehydration is one of them. Dehydration comes with other associated signs, such as a dry mouth, dark urine, or headaches.

Mouth Dryness

Mouth dryness is common, and most people experience it regularly. The issue becomes more frequent as you age. The bad news is it can lead to a loss of taste as well.

Blocked Nose

Your taste and smell work hand in hand, especially when it comes to more sophisticated flavors. You know the drill – cover your nose if you have to eat something you hate. You are less likely to feel the taste then. The same rule applies here. Since your nose is blocked, your taste will be confused as well.

Various Affections and Medications

Nose or mouth injuries, swollen gums, zinc or vitamin deficiencies, and Alzheimer’s disease can cause a loss of taste and the so-called vape tongue. Stress and anxiety are in the same situation, not to mention all the drugs associated with these affections and not only – drugs for cancer or the thyroid are just as harmful.

Old Vape Juice

Flavors tend to fade as vape juice ages. If you opened a bottle five months ago and still use it, the flavor will most likely be different. Sometimes, the taste goes peppery. In other cases, it is dull. In other words, avoid buying vape juice in large quantities.

Dirty Atomizer

You could get vape tongue by failing to look after your electronic cigarette too. Please pay close attention to the atomizer and its contacts. If they are dirty, this could be a cause. Clean the atomizer contacts or get a new vape tank to overcome this problem – give it a few days to see a difference. The issue might be in the actual flavor rather than your tongue.

Now that you know the potential causes of this issue – some of them a bit extreme, here are the most common ways to fix a vaper’s tongue without seeing a doctor. Most people never need a doctor anyway, as these issues are related to their vaping experiences.

Get a New Flavor

This is the easiest way to fix the vape tongue – simply change the flavor. It has to be the opposite of what you like. If you are into tobacco and custard, go for fruity flavors and vice versa. Even if you do not like them, you can switch back after a couple of weeks.

Get a Stronger Flavor

If you are into fine and subtle flavors, you might as well try something stronger. Stick to the same taste you like, but a stronger flavor will bring in a more intense taste. However, you may not be able to switch back to your refined aromas anymore – unless you change the flavor to something completely different.


Hydration is often overlooked by plenty of people. Drinking lots of water will overcome two of the side effects of vaping. First, you get rid of the palette over your tongue and teeth. Second, you can keep hydrated. After all, the lack of hydration is one of the most common causes of vape tongue.

Suck on a Lemon

It may not feel like the most enjoyable fix to overcome a vaper’s tongue, but many vapers have reported positive results. Practically, a lemon is so sour that it will instantly awaken your taste buds. Try to see this solution as a hard reset for your taste buds. Lemon sorbet may also work, but results will be better with a fresh lemon’s intense sourness.

Stop Smoking

Lots of people rely on dual vaping. What does it mean? Simply put, they vape all the time, but they also smoke real tobacco now and then – on a break at work, before work, after a heavy meal, or while going out. Go 100% vaping and quit tobacco for a few weeks, and you are likely to see an improvement. This might be the final push to quit smoking once and for all.

Use a Tongue Scraper

Vape tongue is often caused by a layer on top of your tongue. A tongue scraper will not just clear it, but it will also shake your taste buds a little. You might need to do it daily for a week or so before tasting your favorite flavors again.

Get Some Fresh Coffee Beans

Keep some fresh coffee beans around and grind them for your morning coffee. Many experts and medical professionals rely on this solution, so it might as well work for you. Inhale the scent of fresh coffee beans to rest the taste buds, and chances are you will see an improvement.

Give it Time

If your taste buds are altered, they will heal by themselves. The process may take up to a couple of weeks, so wait for a few weeks before trying other solutions.

Use Unflavored Juice

Unflavored juice might work if you do not want to switch to completely different aromas, but you still need your nicotine dose. There are a few other options out there – try switching back to your favorite flavors after a couple of weeks.

Use Mouthwash

Some claim mouthwash can cause vape tongue because you will experience slight vape tongue burn or even numbness. This is only temporary, though – such sensations go away within half an hour. However, the intense flavor of mouthwash could give your taste buds a good reset.

Bottom line, vape tongue is extremely common these days, and most vapers experience it at some point or another. While switching flavors is the most common way to overcome it, there are other ways to fix vaper’s tongue, and they might be just as efficient.

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