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Belonging to a novel group of handheld dab rigs, the Puffco Peak is the initial portable desktop vaporizer. It is designed for the cannabis concentrate vapers who do not want to experience untidy and time-consuming dabbing.

The Peak is similar to an e-nail but is easier and more convenient to use despite its mountain-like look. You can easily hold it in one hand while using it. With such ease of use, you also enjoy the vaping intensity of e-nails.

The ultra-modern look and the minimalistic design is in alignment with its functionality of an intelligent rig. Without anything getting hot, it is super safe to use.


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Price history for Puffco Peak
Latest updates:
  • $199.00 - February 21, 2024
  • $225.00 - December 13, 2023
Since: December 13, 2023
  • Highest Price: $225.00 - December 13, 2023
  • Lowest Price: $199.00 - February 21, 2024
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With a dab-style oven design and different temperature presets, the Puffco Peak is a smart rig designed only for vaping concentrates, not dry herbs. The pack is compact, but you unload much more than your expectations. The key components to unpack are the base, atomizer, ceramic bowl, glass bubbler, cleaning swabs, loading tool, carb cap, and carrying case.

The borosilicate glass bubbler is where water resides to filter the concentrate’s byproduct, giving you a clean hit. You can load your concentrate in two ways, either preheat with the concentrate in the chamber or heat at the right temperature before dropping a dab using the dab tool.

To use the device, you start by detaching the bubbler and fill it with water until the air holes. You then attach it to the base and press the power button for three seconds to heat the vaporizer. 

Now, you dab your wax into the ceramic bowl’s bottom and cover the bowl with the cap. Double-click the button to initiate the heating process. The Peak shall vibrate, and the LED shall blink thrice once it gets heated in 20 seconds. You then inhale from the bubbler.

Temperature Presets 

The Peak offers a customized dabbing experience without an e-nail or a torch through its four heat settings, each meant for different dab doses. This is unlike Puffco Plus, having only three presets. A button in the front allows adjusting these presets using just one hand. 

Smart Calibration

The smart device automatically adjusts the heat duration if the ceramic bowl is yet hot. Thus, you enjoy a more consistent experience while repeatedly vaping and in Sesh mode.

Social Sesh

Sesh mode is a distinct feature catering to the dabbing’s social aspect. This mode raises the temperature and extends the operation by 15 seconds, which allows you to have several hits or pass the same to friends.

Efficient Battery

The Puffco Peak battery charges in two hours and lasts for around 30 dabs of sweet vapors per session. This means you enjoy several lengthy sessions before recharging. 

Haptic Vibration

The device vibrates once it is hot and ready to dab or once the heating cycle is over to initiate the cooling process.

9.5Expert Score
Puffco Peak Vaporizer
Puffco Peak Review Summary
Puffco Peak is a revolutionary wireless dabbing rig ideal for vaping concentrates without the mess of e-nails but with a water filtration system offering pure and tasty vapor. Get it for enjoying clean and potent dabs while traveling.
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Rapid heating
  • No risky hot spots
  • Only ceramic option for the bowl

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Price History

Price history for Puffco Peak
Latest updates:
  • $199.00 - February 21, 2024
  • $225.00 - December 13, 2023
Since: December 13, 2023
  • Highest Price: $225.00 - December 13, 2023
  • Lowest Price: $199.00 - February 21, 2024

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