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Volcano Hybrid Desktop Vaporizer

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The Volcano Hybrid is the third and recent model belonging to Storz & Bickel’s splendid collection of desktop vaporizers. In terms of design, it is similar to Volcano Digit. However, it is more technologically advanced than the latter, as it comes with a few but solid improvements over the former Volcanos. This makes its price high but knowing these improvements justify why it is so.


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The new Hybrid design bears the same pyramid shape but looks like an upgraded Digital. It comes with new touchscreen controls and a more refined display with no buttons and dials. The loading chamber now locks atop the device. You also get more accessories than its predecessors.  

You fill either the included dosing capsule or the chamber reducer to enjoy a small session of up to 0.15 grams of flower. You can otherwise fill the normal chamber with 1 gram or more herb or concentrate for powerful sessions. 

Once you put the chamber to its position on the device, set the temperature level and allow it to heat. The heating time is quicker than its ancestors, which is less than two minutes. This is a big improvement to three to six minutes of heating time of previous models. 

Once hot, use a balloon and press the air button or affix a whip and start drawing. As per the quality of herbs and chamber size, you enjoy a full balloon and a half of one dosing capsule or several full balloons from a packed chamber.

Whip as New Feature

The Hybrid supports using a whip and a balloon for sharing with nearby friends, similar to Arizer Extreme-Q and a better feature than its previous models. The whip seems to be the best mode for easily enjoying cool, tasty clouds. The whip spins atop the loading chamber so that you can easily pass around. The tube of silicone is ideal, not too tight, and no kinking. For hitting even harder, you only have to use the fan.

New Heating System

Instead of only convection heating, the Hybrid uses a blend of convection and conduction. The filling chamber has a metal ring on top to support conduction heating. It directly touches the loading chamber that preheats the herbs. This heats the herbs evenly and more efficiently and provides thicker vapor. 

The vaporizer also features a redesigned heat exchanger that is faster and more effective than the previous models. It takes only 35 seconds to fill a bag.

New Programming Abilities

Iterations and workflows are two new programming features to change how you vaporize. Iterations allow setting commands to repeat until a set time is reached (best with whip). Workflows are commands that play and stop. You can set any blend of three commands, namely, hold, blow, and heat. 

Versatile App

The new mobile app from Storz & Bickel allows controlling both the desktop Hybrid and Crafty portable vaporizers. It is easy to use with four tabs: main controls, status, profound settings, and info for help and manual. 

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Volcano Hybrid Desktop Vaporizer
Volcano Hybrid Review Summary
With a hybrid heating system and two new inhalation methods, the Volcano Hybrid is truly for vapers who vape at home with friends.
  • Improved heating time
  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Superior inhalation methods
  • Less maintenance
  • A bit of a learning curve
  • Expensive

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