Beginner’s Guide: How to dab Waxmaid Soldier 2 in 1 Water Pipe & Nectar Collector Safely?

November 15, 2021

Do you know how to dab? That can be a yes from the water pipe or bong you use to inhale the honey. It’s, however, a daunting task that people get wrong, especially if you have a tool that presents a learning curve.

There are many blogs and YouTube videos on how to dab using various tools. It’s okay to consume the content to have a general idea, but what if you are presented with the amazing inventions that Waxmaid has?

Soldier 2 IN 1 Waterpipe Nectar Collector Rasta 01

We have the Soldier 2 in 1 water pipe & nectar collector that has more to offer on how you smoke the concentrates. It comes with accessories that make carrying everything easy, and using it is a breeze once you follow the guideline we have presented below.

The Soldier 2 in 1 Water Pipe & Nectar Collector Overview

Straight from Waxmaid, here is a water pipe and nectar collector that will redefine how you view water pipes in general. So, before we get to how you can use it best, we need to look at the specifications.

Having a silicone body may make it cheap, but it’s the best material to deal with if you want to avoid breaking from accidental falling. There is also the glass element which is protected by the platinum cured silicone material.

What makes the soldier worthy of attention is its function as both a water pipe and a nectar collector. It also carries your contents, the shatter or the flower, depending on what you want to take. There is a silicone jar for that, and you can dab from it using the nectar collector.

Soldier 2 IN 1 Waterpipe Nectar Collector Red Black 01

When you order this Waxmaid water pipe and nectar collector, it comes with everything you need to take the hits. You get the container, glass and silicone jars, titanium nail, quartz banger, and a bird nest bowl with silicone all around making the shape of a nest.

The best part here is the mouthpiece at the top which also functions as the nectar collector by hooking the titanium nail. If the nail is not in use, there is a place to store it at the base of the smoking unit.

What Else Should You Know About the Waxmaid Soldier 2 in 1?

Where you place the banger or the bird nest silicone glass bowl, there is a 14-18mm opening that hosts the downstem with five percolator holes. That gives you a bubbling effect as the smoke cools down before getting to you. It directs the smoke to the thick glass water container surrounded by silicone material.

Since it’s glass, you can always get a view of what is happening in the cabin. Furthermore, the glass can be easily removed and fixed with no leaking possibilities. The silicone material around it helps in preventing breaking from accidental falls.

Soldier 2 IN 1 Waterpipe Nectar Collector Cream Pink 02

Another quality that makes it a real soldier is the stripe and ripple texture of the silicone. That enhances the grip as you use it. If you have sweaty hands, there will be no problem dealing with it, and it also makes it have an excellent rugged finish.

It’s worth mentioning that the silicone is durable, and it’s also certified as food safe by the FDA. So, even with prolonged use, there are no dangers posed to your overall health. With such an overview, you can now ask about the best use case scenario.

Keep reading to see how the soldier 2 in 1 works as you dab.

How to Safely Use the Waxmaid Soldier 2 in 1 Water Pipe & Nectar Collector

Now, it’s time to torch that 45-degree quartz banger or the bird nest silicone glass bowl. Before you get there, you need a few preparations to get things right. We will look at what needs to be ready, how to use and maintain the water pipe and nectar collector.

Assembling the Unit

There are removable parts here that you need to assemble before using the soldier. First, hook the glass container on the bottom base, which also holds the titanium nail. We’ll get to the nail part as we progress.

Next, fill the glass jar with some water for the cooling effect and use the top unit to close the container at the top. Having done that, load your dab on the container on the opposite side of the downstem position.

Soldier 2 IN 1 Waterpipe Nectar Collector Detail

There is also a lid for the container. Once the lower parts are assembled, it’s time to deal with the banger. Before placing it on the 14-18mm opening, insert the downstem with the narrow part going in first. The percolator holes will assist in giving a bubbling effect as the smoke goes through the water and up to the mouthpiece.

Once the downstem is in position, you can hook the quartz banger at the top or the bird nest silicone glass bowl. That will depend on what you are going to use. The last part is for the mouthpiece, which also functions as the nectar collector.

You can hook it at the top to serve as the ‘mouthpiece’ or remove and connect the titanium nail if you want to perform some nectar collection. We will address the usage of both the whole unit and the nectar collector in the next section.

With everything assembled, it’s time to dab.

How to Dab Using the Waxmaid Soldier 2-in-1

When using the whole unit, you first need to heat the quartz banger or the bird nest bowl. As you do it, your concentrates should be ready for use in the glass container. The benefit of using the banger here is that the quartz material heats up quickly and holds warmth.

Once it’s heated, apply the wax on the banger while it’s still hot and then torch it. As you do so, use the mouthpiece to suck up the air. It will go down via the downstem, and you’ll have a bubbling effect due to the percolator holes on it and the water present in the glass container.

The cooled air will then get to your lungs via the mouthpiece. If you would like to smoke the flowers, that is also possible, but it’s much better to use the bird nest silicone glass bowl. Torching is the same, but the lighter needs to focus on the center glass bowl to avoid burning the silicone.

There is the mouthpiece and the titanium nail at the base for those who would like the nectar collection method. Just hook the nail on the mouthpiece and then head to the container with the concentrates.

Next, heat the nail using your torch and then collect the nectar and inhale while the metal is still hot.

Cleaning and Maintenance

There is no stress in getting everything cleaned after the brown residue changes the color on everything. The best time to wash up, though, is when the parts are still warm. The grease is easily removable at that point.

First, you need to disassemble everything. Next, rinse everything with hot water several times. After that, it’s time to deal with the glass and silicone parts separately. You can throw the silicone body, mouthpiece, downstem, and percolator below in the dishwasher.

Another way is to use soap and water to clean up. The glass parts (the glass bowl, banger, and the big jar) go in separate storage bags. Next, pour in concentrated alcohol (70% or higher) in the bags and add some salt.

Shake the bags to get rid of the brown coloring until you get a brown solution. Once that is done, rinse the glass parts and leave them to dry.


Getting it right when dabbing with the soldier 2 in 1 water pipe is essential. You want to enjoy the smoking session, and that cannot happen when something goes wrong. Waxmaid has made a great water pipe and nectar collector for you.

So, the remaining part is to grasp the information above and make the best use of it. Ordering from the main website is possible, and your package will arrive in the next 2-3 business days.

Once it arrives, follow the guideline presented above, see how it behaves, and then comment below based on the results. Happy dabbing!


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