E-juice Flavors: 7 Things You Must Know + 5 Top Brand Recommendations

In E-liquid, flavor has a significant role and an ingredient in it. vape juice contains nicotine and other components like chemicals. The E-juice when comes in contact with any vape pen, the heating coil turns it into inhalable aerosols. Those are quite satisfying and help you to calm your nerves while in anxiety or stress. These go directly to your lungs which are some chemicals. While vaping, the main thing they enjoy is the e-juice they choose. However, sometimes people fail to understand the advantages of e-liquid over tobacco.

7 Things You Must Know About E-juice Flavors

The Flavors of E-liquid

There are different flavors of E-liquid. All the flavors have a different experience and taste that leaves in your mouth a good experience. There are various options to choose in e-liquids. That is why if you want to mix some sweet taste to their things or even if they like tobacco the options won’t finish. 

Stainless Fingers While Using E-liquid

Unlike any other tobacco which leaves in your finger some bad dirty yellow color which the vaper’s finger doesn’t have. The nicotine inside any other smoke causes yellowing of your finger. It’s very common in the hands of heavy or chain smokers. The vape smokers are happy to use these because of their effective features. Tobacco is just not responsible for coloring of fingers but also their nose, mouth and teeth. This doesn’t happen with vaping. 

Odorless E-Juice

While vaporizing you won’t get that much odor. The odor that you will get while vaporizing is due to the flavors that are infused inside the juice which are very pleasant. It does not produce any smell like that of cigarettes which are not flavorful. This makes it very easy to vape and safe for health also. people are not able to smell it in the distance. Whereas the smoking smell is caught by everyone very often. 

The Lower Cost of E-Liquid

E-liquids are affordable and good, while traditional smoking is a little bit costlier. Traditional materials last for a few days but the E-liquids can last upto few weeks. The E-juices can be made at home with the materials that are needed to make. They are available in the market whose price has no such difference from the homemade ones. The materials that you need to make e-juice at home are nicotine, glycerin and glycol. On the other hand, vapers who enjoy THC & CBD instead can opt for the standard 510 thread battery oil cartridges, in case they’re looking for a discreet vaporizer. 

No Dangerous Toxins

In vaping, there is no toxicity associated with it. If you buy a vape of a good brand you will experience the best of vaping. In vaping e-juice, there is no tar associated with it. If you want to remove your smoking habits you can definitely vape with e-juice. There are no toxic elements such as hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, or lead. Some of the facts say that vaping with e-juice is safer than cigarette smoking. So, if any smoker is changing their habits from modern smoking to traditional smoking then it is not a bad idea. There are a lot of advantages to vaping. 

Supports diet

People who love to eat want to eat their every favorite food and wouldn’t mind having them. But, we cannot intake oily or fatty food everytime in order to maintain a healthy life. On the other hand, vape juices allow you to taste your favorite fruits by taking care of the calories intake. 

Vaping help quit smoking

E-juices inside the vape helps chain smokers to reduce traditional smoking. The e-juicer is tastier and healthier to use. It gives a tobacco flavor but limited nicotine inside it which smokers leave the habit of smoking. Although people can use nicotine as per their needs and strength. Also, some reduce nicotine to remove their nicotine usage. In the same way, vape kits help to reduce smoking habits and addiction. 

4 Best Brand Recommendations For Vape Juices

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The Humble Juice Co., the Naked 100 is the best-known product in vape juices. They make a wide range of juices at affordable prices. 

They produce natural vape juices as their products don’t have any extra sweeteners or any additives. They infuse pure flavors of fruits to fulfill your taste buds. 

  • Glas Basix

The Glass Basix is a famous brand of e-juice made by a group of intellectuals. These juices are very affordable and delicious to use. The company has been producing the best product ever since. Premium vape juices are must to use which is affordable to use also. 

Glass Basix sells vape juices in flavors like mango, strawberry, banana, and butterscotch. All these ingredients are mixed to produce a delicious product. 

Pachamama is well known for its mixture of exotic fruit tastes which is amazing to vape. Pachamama is produced by Charlie’s Chalk Dust which always uses high-quality products or ingredients. 

The flavors that are available for this are guava, pineapple, papaya, and mango. You will understand once you vape how to balance the taste of fruits with smooth vaping. 

The Beard Vape Co is well known for its quality and premium juices for vapes. They are best for their usage of the number system in the vape juices they use for various flavors division such as for a #71, #32 etc. In these numbers there are a range of flavors available, from simple to complex. 


In this above article we learned about various vape juices and its usefulness in our life. These E-juices are very helpful for those who have had smoking habits for a long time and want to reduce that. These juices have very little amount of nicotine which will help you slowly to get rid of your habit. 

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