Furna Vaporizer Review: A Much-Needed Addition to the Modular Cannabis Vaporizer Market

March 10, 2021

What’s included

In the box of the Furna Vaporizer are all the bits and pieces you need to fully utilize its capabilities, as well as a few tools to make usage and maintenance a breeze. 

Furna vaporizer package
Furna Vaporizer: What’s included

Along with the Furna, device comes two dry herb ovens, a silicone oven cover, three oven screens, three nib screens, a funnel, and two spare nibs of different colors – purple and black. There’s also a cleaning brush and a handy multi-tool included for easy cleaning. And, of course, a micro-USB charging cord and a user guide manual.

Furna Vaporizer
$228.43 $238.43
Furna Vaporizer Review: A Much-Needed Addition to the Modular Cannabis Vaporizer Market
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Design, build, and portability

The Furna vaporizer has a solid build and construction. It feels very premium in hand with just the right amount of heft to it. Its discreet and understated design, on the other hand, gives it a minimal and elegant look.

furna vaporizer review
Furna Vaporizer: Design, build, and portability

The unit’s aluminum body is anodized and scratch-resistant, and on its side is a secret-til-lit digital display that flips for lefties and righties, just like a smartphone’s auto-rotate feature. It also has an isolated air path, ceramic cooling coil, and food-grade stainless steel oven and screens for great vapor production. The interchangeable nibs come in different colors for easy oven identification, and lastly, the push-and-turn ovens operate in such a way that keeps your product safe.

This fully modular vaporizer is as compact and portable as it gets. And one thing that we find really fascinating is how you can flip the push-and-turn oven inwards so that the mouthpiece faces towards the inside of the Furna. With this, you’re left with a rectangular cuboid of a device that has no entry point for debris, therefore keeping your mouthpiece clean. This feature may seem like a small thing, but still, a neat engineering piece that you won’t find in many vaporizers.

The Furna is operated by two buttons, one at the bottom and one on its side, right next to the large digital display. This intuitive display allows you to go through menu options and settings, like temperature, easily. Also, the device vibrates once it reaches the temperature you’ve set, letting you know that it’s ready to go.

Overall, the design process and engineering that has gone into making this device is top-notch.

Components and features

furna vaporizer in focus
Furna Vaporizer: Components and features


The Furna’s dual-purpose, interchangeable ovens are probably its most notable feature and what sets it apart from other vapes. They work well with both dry herbs and concentrates and can hold 0.25g of material. Since they’re completely enclosed and insulated, they can be prepacked for maximum convenience. This way, you can get a few ovens ready, carry them around as you go about your day, and just grab them whenever you need them.

The ovens also feature a push-and-twist top for extra safety and heat protection. This means that you can easily pop off the loaded oven and do a quick swap without having to wait for it to cool down, and no mess at all. You don’t have to worry about getting your skin burned either, as there are no hot surfaces to deal with.


As mentioned earlier, the Furna’s mouthpieces can be conveniently flipped around when not in use to protect them from lint or dust – no storage cases or additional lids and accessories are required. The mouthpieces attach directly to the ovens, too, which makes for enhanced protection and portability.

Display, settings, and customization

There are no apps or software you need to download to make full use of the Furna – you’re in full control with just the device in your hand. Everything is done using the two buttons on the device and with the help of the sleek, automatically-flipping digital screen on its side. 

The screen displays Furna’s battery level percentage and real-time temperature adjustments. It also allows you to program or digitally stamp the ovens, which is done by assigning a unique symbol to each oven you use. An oven’s respective symbol will then appear on the display when you pop it into the Furna – a cool feature to help you keep track of different strains. Moreover, the visual distinction that the colored mouthpiece nibs provide helps distinguish strains and which is in which oven, too.


The modular Furna vaporizer has a fast heat-up time of 20 to 30 seconds, depending on your temperature setting. 

The temperature can be adjusted in 5-degree increments using the button next to the digital display, and it has a temperature range of 320 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit or 160 to 215 degrees Celsius. With this much control, you can easily customize your session considering how large you’d like your clouds to be and how you want the taste of your material to be. A lower temperature essentially brings richer flavor while a higher one provides larger clouds (and more THC, hence a more intense experience).

When you first use the Furna, you’ll likely instantly notice the clean, smooth, and satisfying inhale it brings – thanks to its ceramic cooling coil. This coil also keeps the vapor at your desired temperature throughout the session, bringing out the best of your herb’s flavor and delivering great vapor. Additionally, its ceramic nature eliminates plastic or metallic flavor, so you get to enjoy pure, flavorful hits without any undesired aftertaste.

As for the battery, this device features a huge and incredibly powerful 3500mAh one that provides 15 to 20 sessions before needing a recharge, which is a lot more than other vaporizers do.


When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, it’s super easy and straightforward. The Furna doesn’t have many parts and components to clean because of its removable ovens, and those that would need cleaning are easily accessible. 

You can just drop the vapor path parts (nibs, cooling coils, and screens) and mouthpiece in a bit of isopropyl alcohol. And if there’s some stubborn gunk or residue, simply grab the cleaning brush that came with the Furna and give them a little brush. That’s really all there is to it, as there’s no need to clean the device itself.


With all things considered, the Furna provides a seamless and enjoyable vaping experience, ticking all the boxes on the fundamentals of dry herb and concentrate vaporizers. It has a rather impressive battery life and heat-up time. And it’s also very easy to use. 

furna vaporzier with laptop
Furna Vaporizer: The Verdict

From packing the ovens and swapping them to cleaning and maintenance, the Furna proves to be an efficient and convenient vape that could easily outdo other vaporizers on the market today. Most importantly, it offers premium performance – the Furna has great flavor and vapor production, really bringing out the subtle details and flavor profiles of delicate strains and making them shine through.

Furna Vaporizer
$228.43 $238.43
Furna Vaporizer Review: A Much-Needed Addition to the Modular Cannabis Vaporizer Market
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