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April 16, 2021

After a hard day’s work, there is nothing like a cloud of smoke for many, and you may be one of them. But this trend is changing now as vaping extracts are becoming extremely popular. I had the opportunity to review the Utillian 2 portable wax pen and It is an extremely convenient way to use my wax and extracts compared to traditional methods such as using a bong with a torch. I feel like I can take it on a bike ride or on a night out with great ease.

Read on to hear more about my experience dabbing with the Utillian 2.

How to use it?

The U2 wax pen is very simple to use, even for me! With a one-button design, it could not be easier to turn on and cycle through the voltage settings to the perfect setting for me. The Utillian 2 is a straightforward device that features one button operation. Five clicks to activate, and 2 to switch between the four voltage settings. 

utillian 2 wax pen 1

The magnetic attachments make it an easy task to assemble the battery, atomizer, and mouthpiece. Using this device, you can say goodbye to gummed up, sticky threading like you may find from other devices.

 The Utillian 2 Holds up to .2 grams of wax, which is an ample amount for quick hits on the go. All you need is a small rice grain-sized amount of material which you can place on the coil with the ‘magic wand’ included.

Technical Specifications:

For its small size, the U2 packs a punch with a 650mAh battery capable of efficient concentrate extraction.

utillian 2 wax pen 2

It comes complete with 4-pre-set voltages (Green is 3.0V, Blue is 3.4V, Purple is 3.8V, and Red is 4.2V), making it a versatile gadget that helps control the vapor and customize your session. If pure flavor is your goal, then you should use the lower voltage settings. For the maximum amount of vapor, switch on to the higher voltages for larger vapor clouds. 

Vapor Quality:

This device is fitted with a dual quartz coil that offers efficient extraction and excellent terpene preservation, which then promotes the formation of a better-flavored vapor. You can also purchase a ceramic donut atomizer separately which is extremely easy to clean. The donut produces even more flavor at the cost of slightly reduced vapor production.

The glass mouthpiece works in concert with the quality coils to preserve the flavor of your extracts and is comfortable on the lips when using the device. I really like the value for the vapor quality in this tiny pen.


The Utillian 2 is an extremely affordable and discreet wax vaporizer. It comes in two finishes and you can choose between sleek Black or stylish Silver. I personally enjoy the Gun Metal Silver finish and it feels very lightweight and comfortable in my hands. With super-easy loading, one-button operation, 4 voltage settings, and a convenient carrying case, there are a lot of things to love about the Utillian 2. 

So long, clumsy torch and fragile glass, it’s time for the Utillian 2 dab pen!

Get your Utillian 2 from the following links:

TVAPE.COM – Internationally

Torontovaporizer.ca – Canada

TVAPE.FR – France

TVAPE.DE – Germany, Europe and the UK

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Michael Ladek

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