Vaping Memes: Are You Having A Laugh?

Memes are everywhere these days, and the fun part about it is they actually link to real-life stuff. From this point of view, there are loads of vaping memes to laugh too.

fda vaping meme
This is every smoker’s main issue – the FDA does not approve electronic cigarettes. You would still rather vape than risk lung cancer.
mail vaping meme
Everyone has been there at some point or another. Your atomizer is almost done, and you are on the last drips of juice – yet, the mail is still days away.
how vapers look to normal people
You have probably been there before vaping – you hear people talk about atomizers and setups, sounding more sophisticated than building an atomic bomb.
best vape meme
You are finally there. You have the best atomizer, a perfect tank, and everyone is amazed by your stunning setup. Then, you walk into a shop, only to find out there are newer and better options out there. You have to start all over again!
learn about electricity from vaping meme
Electricity, liquids turned into vapors and smoke – now you know how an electronic cigarette works. If only they would have told you all these in school…
last vape mod meme
This is one of the most real vaping memes out there. You finally have the setup you want, and you promise yourself you will stop wasting money on other mods. But it never stops, does it?
vaping is dangerous meme
So vaping is dangerous. It makes you wonder who orders these articles in the media. Philip Morris International? British American Tobacco? Imperial Brands?
a scientist vape meme
You always feel like a scientist when you throw a completely different flavor over what you already have, and you start thinking about making up your own juices.
calling this tobacco vape meme
Bla bla bla! Real smokers smoke tobacco, they say. Well, vaping is not smoking, so you know it is pure envy.
ban vaping meme
It makes you wonder how some drugs with proven harsh effects are legal while vaping is not fully credited and universally accepted…

Michael Ladek

Michael Ladek

I am the CEO of Vaposearch and one of the main authors. My primary goal has always involved promoting healthier alternatives to those trapped by nicotine addiction. I am based in Lautersheim, Germany, and started this venture as soon as I turned to vape, after 15 years of smoking

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