How To Do Vape Tricks – Top 9 Most Impressive Tricks & A Few Extra Variations

If you are a smoker, you have probably tried all kinds of tricks you have seen in videos and tutorials. It all starts with the Os, and things go further to more sophisticated tricks. Things have changed now – you have ditched the classic tobacco and switched to vaping.

At first glance, vaping may seem different because you no longer deal with smoke but vapors. The consistency is different, as well as the thickness. Some tricks might be impossible while learning new ones can be pretty interesting.

Learning how to do vape tricks is not that difficult, though. You can adapt some of the tricks you used to do with real smoke, but you can also discover some new ones. A good throat hit will provide plenty of smoke to play around with, so your options are more diversified.

All in all, here are some of the best tricks you can do with your electronic cigarette. Keep in mind that it depends on the ecig you use too. Some of them put out loads of smoke, while others give you less than a classic cigarette.

Choosing The Right Type Of Vape Juice

The vape juice – as well as the ecig you use – will make the difference. You do not necessarily need one of those big tanks that put out smoke like chimneys to come up with some cool tricks. You might as well do some cool Juul tricks if you use the right vape juice.

For most tricks to work, you will need plenty of smoke. The more smoke you have, the more freedom you get. You can get away with small errors. On the other hand, having limited smoke asks for perfection, as every mistake is noticeable.

From this perspective, opt for high VG juice – each vape juice has its unique specifications on the packaging. The high VG ensures you get a large cloud of smoke out without feeling like your throat is on fire – basically, you will need to inhale a large amount of vapor, which could make you cough.

Simultaneously, inhaling lots of vapor too quickly will also make you feel a bit dizzy. You get too much nicotine, and you can get an overdose – there will be no harm, but you might feel bad for a few minutes. In other words, when it comes to training for tricks, you might as well use plain VG juice with zero nicotine and no fancy flavors.

As for the device you use, you will get more smoke if you rely on a sub-ohm tank or a classic RDA. Make sure you are in the right environment, and the airflow is restricted. Close the windows and turn off the air conditioning.

Once you have all these covered, you are ready to learn how to do vape tricks.

Ghost Hit

The ghost hit is a classic. You might be familiar with the effect because it is pretty popular. You might have seen it in a few music videos already – Snoop Dogg likes to do it every once in a while, so he makes a good starting point.

Learn how to do a Ghost Hit

The trick involves exhaling a thick cloud of smoke, only to suck it back in within the next second. It provides an amazing effect that will draw attention straight away. Take a long drag and keep the smoke in your mouth without inhaling it. Open your mouth and it will naturally go out.

Once the smoke is half out, suck everything back in. The trick can be used for more sophisticated tricks as well, so it pays off learning it first.


You will have to use your hands for this trick, but you also need a flat surface – such as a table. The darker the surface is, the better. Take a deep drag, put your mouth close to the table surface and blow the smoke out slowly – you need a thick cloud. You can also use an empty toilet paper roll and blow the smoke through it.

Learn how to do a Tornado

Once the smoke is out, put your hand in the middle of the cloud and quickly raise it. Imagine chopping something – you would have to do the opposite movement. The smoke will start rotating like a twister.


Learning how to blow Os is one of the main tricks smokers learn. It takes practice, but it is doable. Inhale deeply and keep the vapors in the throat. You do not always need a deep drag, so you can start with small amounts.

Learn how to Blow O’s

Your mouth should be resting, but you have to push its back towards the back of the throat – imagine someone is choking you. Curve your lips to come up with an O – do not try to blow kisses, as you need them apart.

Let small amounts of smoke out – imagine the lightest possible way to cough. You practically have to pulse the back of the throat. This video takes Os to another level, but you will get the idea behind this trick – learning how to blow Os is all in your throat.


The jellyfish will most likely draw rounds of wows from spectators, as it looks like a jellyfish in motion underwater. The trick consists of two steps. First, you will need a large O. You must push it gently with your hand. Get another drag and slowly push the cloud through the ring.

Learn how to do a Jellyfish trick

The smoke going through that ring will look like an authentic jellyfish – one of the most attractive tricks out there.


Learning how to do vape tricks could not miss the Bane inhaling method. You bring in the Bane mask from Batman – you might have seen this trick in hip-hop videos too. Take a pretty deep drag, but hold it in your mouth – do not inhale it.

Learn how to do a Bane vape trick

Slightly open your mouth and let your bottom teeth barely touch the upper lip. The vapor will come out while you inhale through your nose. You might as well smile while you do it – an even better effect.

The French inhale, or Irish waterfall, is similar. The only difference is that you only need to open your mouth a little, rather than use your teeth for a better effect. It is more comfortable to perform and just as attractive.


The dragon is one of the easiest Juul tricks, yet it looks very sophisticated. It would be best if you blew clouds out through your nostrils and corners of your mouth. For this trick, you will need to keep the middle parts of your lips together – it will take a bit of practice.

Learn how to do a Dragon vape trick

Take a deep drag without inhaling and push everything out – there will be four different clouds going in different directions. It would help if you did it at high speed for a beautiful effect.


If you know how to blow Os, you will soon be able to blow triangles too. You must be an expert at blowing rings, though. Exhale a thick and medium ring, then push it forward with your hand. Within the same second, you must tape one of its sides, and it will bend into a triangle.

Learn how to do a Triangle vape trick

This trick needs serious practice because everything is in speed. You will need to push and tap within a fraction of a second. Practice in front of a mirror, and do not lose your patience.

Bull ring

If you know how to do vape tricks involving Os, you will master the bullring after a few minutes only. During the first phase, you must train to blow a middle-sized ring. As you see it going out, you have to lean into the O without ruining it. Inhale the top part of the ring through the nose.

Learn how to do a Bull ring vape trick

For a second, the O will look like a bullring. You will need to exercise in front of a mirror to come up with the right shape. If not done right, that ring will look like a teardrop or a pear.


The lasso trick is about blowing two rings at the perfect timing, in the ideal position. The first phase involves blowing a large ring – make sure it is thick enough too. It should not go too far ahead, though.

Learn how to do a Lasso vape trick

Get a second drag straight away and come up with a smaller ring – it has to go through the middle of the first one, so it must be smaller. You might need to lean forward a little. Blow too hard, and you risk ruining the first ring.

The two rings will overlap, and eventually, the small ring will wrap around the large one in a beautiful motion that resembles a lasso.

Bottom line

Learning how to do vape tricks takes a bit of practice and a mirror. Ensure you have the right vape device and juice β€“ a bit of patience and persistence will help you draw attention at parties in no time.

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