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The compact Miqro upkeeps DaVinci’s status for quality dry-herb vapor. It blends elegant form and far-fetched functionality into a small shell designed for micro-dosing or light use.

Its ultra-portable size is its first point of attraction.

The Miqro is 33% smaller than the already-small DaVinci IQ 2, shorter than PAX 2, and a bit taller than the Magic Flight Launch Box. Both the IQ and Miqro are comparable, with both having smart path technology and top metal construction. However, the Miqro is more streamlined to give you a simple process to use with fewer lights.


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At first glance, you will notice the exterior’s detail in terms of an anodized aluminum shell that is both tough and elegant, lighted buttons with a durable feel, and hinged magnetic doors. The interior is the same as IQ, with the zirconia ceramic parts and zirconia pearl within the oven cover to distribute heat evenly. 

It is extremely easy to load the vaporizer due to the loading dock. The herbs slide over the large beveled surface and reach the ceramic oven. Full and tightly packed, the chamber can accommodate up to a quarter-gram of herbs, sufficient for a robust solo session. 

Once you open the chamber, fill it with finely ground herbs, packed down a bit in favor of conductive properties. After adjusting the pearl as per the bowl size, place back the lid and use the power button to switch the unit ON. Now, set the temperature and wait for 30 seconds to heat it. 

Two Kits

The Miqro is accessible through two kits, Explorer and Standard. The Standard Kit has all the essentials you need for some sessions when out, including a battery, a charging cable, two mouthpieces, and a cleaning kit. 

The Explorer kit is for those who want to vape more between recharges. It comes with one more battery, a key chain canister for accommodating herbs, a zippered carrying case with an odor-proof chamber for herb, a grinder, a silicone glove, and a few spare parts.

Adjustable Oven

You can adjust the oven size by extending the pearl for using different amounts of herbs without affecting performance. This gives you smaller sessions. A fully packed oven delivers gratifying clouds. 

Simple Control

There are just three buttons that regulate everything without using any mobile app. A distinct dot matrix display provides information at once, including that of the five-minute shutoff timer. The device goes beyond digital control for temperature via its three heating methods: smart paths, precision tuning, and boost.

Removable Batteries

The 18350 900mAh battery has a short life. It takes two hours to charge via USB but charges in 45 minutes on an external charger. The vaporizer heats up quickly in 30 seconds on a full charge and decelerates to 60 seconds if the battery dies. A single charge gives four sessions. 

You can use the vaporizer while plugged in and charging. However, the juice will drain quicker than it replenishes. Thus, it is not genuinely pass-through charging.

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DaVinci Miqro Review Summary
The Miqro is a highly portable vape on the go to enjoy pure flavor due to its zirconia ceramic parts and ceramic oven.
  • Super portable
  • Adjustable chamber size
  • Not hot unlike IQ
  • Heavier than PAX 3

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