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VapeXhale Cloud EVO Desktop Vaporizer

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The VapeXhale Cloud EVO is a pure desktop vaporizer that is designed for vaporizing both dry herbs and concentrates. The device renders a concentrate-like experience with quality flowers at high temperatures.

Its biggest draw is its volume of vapor; you get huge clouds even if you take shorter draws. This is ideal for someone looking for a light session, making this vaporizer versatile. Some more features add to its versatility.

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The Cloud EVO vaporizer is a sleek and modern device featuring a bit cone shape on its square base. The front has a power switch and a dial for setting temperature. In contrast, a standard power cable socket exists at the rear.

Within, a ceramic heating element wraps the glass tube and a glass connector exists atop. While the pathway and connector are made using only glass, the bottom body is built using Zytel, a glass polycarbonate filled with resin.

The unit is designed for use with your water tool or a matching HydraTube fitting on the top of the chamber. The glass tube, as a water pipe sold separately from VapeXhale, holds little water and allows cooling the vapor.

It is easy to use this device. To fill, just take an EZ load bowl, remove the cap and add ground material to fill 80% of its capacity while leaving the rest for air circulation. To activate the unit, flip the power switch beneath the dial and turn the knob to the 12 o’clock position (for beginners). The dial is like a clock that has a range of 200 degrees Fahrenheit from 7 o’clock to 500 degrees Fahrenheit at 5 o’clock.

It takes around three minutes to heat. The temperatures are not specific, unlike the other models such as in Arizer Solo 2. Once heated, the LED light becomes green.

Once ready, put the bowl inside the heating chamber, affix the tube to the connector, and vape. When vapor starts, you place the tube on top for taking a draw.

Super Efficient

Efficiency is good with dry herb and better with concentrate. In case of wax and oil concentrates, add a bit to VapeXNail and put it inside the heater. You get one draw at a time with concentrates.

Direct Draw Technology and High-Quality Vapor

Unlike the Volcano Digit using bags, EVO is a direct draw model. This is because the vapor goes to the lungs directly rather than via a bag. You get excellent vapor quality due to ceramic heating, ensuring consistent heating and all glass parts. It is smooth, pure, dense, and flavorful. It is on-par with the best desktop vaporizers, including the Volcano.

No Battery

There is no battery. The Evo runs on a power cable. Thus, it is not for on-the-go use.


You can easily use the unit with extra, separately-sold vape accessories. This includes a glass nail for waxy material and HydraTube pipe.

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