Vaping And Running: Can Both Go Hand In Hand?

At least, smoking and running cannot go together, as the former has a negative impact on the respiratory as well as cardiovascular systems. These systems need to be healthy for running for any duration. Smoking releases carcinogens and other toxic substances that tend to harm these systems. Thus, running is not a choice for most smokers.

Disclaimer: This is only an informative post that does not seek to replace medical advice. 

However, as switching to vaping is affordable and easy for coming out of smoking
addiction, many have made a healthy decision to switch to vaping. While the detrimental effects of tobacco smoking are many, those associated with vaping are less.

As per some studies, e-cigarettes are 95% less injurious than tobacco. Until now, the news indicates how vaping has considerably alleviated the harm to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

The Impact of Vaping on the Lungs for Running

Generally, breathing in anything else except for pure air is not considered good for the lungs. Keeping this in mind, it is observed that the lungs of vapers are in better health than those who are smoking tobacco-rich cigarettes.

If you have been smoking and have then have switched to vaping, the impact of it on
your lungs seems to be favorable. It has been seen that the lungs instantly start
repairing themselves. Further, even the lung capacity gets a boost because the immune system starts discarding the accumulated tar as well as mucus, a common issue of habitual smokers.

If it is only a matter of smoking versus vaping in terms of lung health, the latter wins the battle by a long shot. This does not mean that vaping is totally harmless. It means that a vaper is in a better condition health-wise to start running daily than a tobacco smoker.

Vaping does have milder consequences on the lungs, but they are considerably less
harmful. This is because any external chemical or ingredient consumption does have a certain amount of risk and that the pace of lung restoration is reliant on the metabolism power, which varies from one vaper to another.

The Impact of Vaping on the Heart for Running

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For running, the heart of the runner should be strong as well as fit. It is clear that
smoking is detrimental to the health of cardiovascular organs in several ways. So, is
vaping equally bad? Is it healthy for the committed runners to consume e-juices?

Well, the impact of vaping on this physical system is identical to that on the lungs. It has been observed that the systolic blood pressure reduces in those who move to vaping. This reduction is such that the blood pressure comes back to normal, just like in non-smokers.

The credit for this partially goes to the improved airflow obtained through the lungs as well as to the reduced nicotine content in vaping products.

According to the experts, nicotine as a stimulant is directly linked to heart disease. It boosts the heart rate and stimulates the adrenaline systems, which can harm
cardiovascular health in the long run.

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, with a dedicated team, researched the impact of
abstinence and incessant smoking reduction on heart rate and blood pressure in
smokers becoming vapers. It was performed on a group of these health-conscious
people who switched to vaping.

As per the results, those who started vaping went through considerable health
improvements along with a drop in the systolic blood pressure. Further, those who gave up smoking and vaping showed no further drop in their blood pressure than those who continuously vaped.

So, Is Vaping and Running Fine?

Well, vaping and running is far better than smoking and running for experiencing a
variety of exercise-based health benefits. While vaping, your lungs, heart, and other
organs are not exposed to toxic chemicals such as carbon monoxide or tar.

Still, this does not mean that vaping has no harmful effects. However, what you need to understand that these effects are not as harmful as those of tobacco smoking. While there is no evidence yet, it is believed that vaping’s long-term side effects are milder.

The reduction in the extent of harm that vaping ensures is sufficient for most people to run. In short, vapers are at the least risk of troublesome running even if the distance is short.

We also have a Reddit thread related to this topic. There you can share your experience if our comment section is not an option for you.

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Anna Schmechel

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  1. I’ve been running for the last 16 years (Army). I’ve been vaping since 2015 and have no negative effects on my run times from vaping. I’m doing my first half in November and not reducing my vape intake at all.

    • Hey CJ, Thanks for sharing your experience. Very useful indeed! I’ve been running for 5 years and haven’t noticed any effect from vaping as well.

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