Why Does Vaping Make Me Poop?

It is not surprising to question yourself as to whether vaping affects your bowel movement or not just as caffeine. Technically, anything that affects your bowels is known as a laxative. These substances aim to move the stuck stool more easily through the colon.

Some of them can also result in a bowel movement by triggering a bowel muscle reaction for moving the stool. Such laxatives are called stimulant laxatives, as they stimulate a narrowing reaction to push the poop out.

Many people believe that just as caffeine, nicotine is a stimulant that affects the bowels such that it speeds up its movements. The underlying notion is that consuming a stimulant accelerates the frequency of contracting the digestive tract muscles due to which pooping becomes more frequent.

Is Nicotine Present in E-juices for Vaping?

Well, this depends on the e-juices you select and buy. Not all of them will have nicotine. However, in general, an e-liquid is made up of three ingredients, namely, the flavor, nicotine, and the Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG) base.

These ingredients are extracted from chemical processes. Thus, vaping does affect your body, both positively and negatively. At the same time, if nicotine is present in the e-liquid, the liquid itself triggers the laxative effect. This works instantly in those who have never smoked tobacco or never had nicotine in any way.

Usually, the nicotine delivery through vaping is quicker than tobacco smoking. If you consider what happens in vaping, it will be evident that it delivers vapor that is typically sweet into your body with the battery power of 75W on average and the temperature being not more than 150–200 degrees Celsius.

Logically, this can explain why vaping alone can make the bowels move. This is similar to what a plain chocolate bar does wherein the metabolism process is boosted for some time. Well, the contained caffeine in it does the trick.

Can Anything Else Apart from Nicotine Trigger Pooping?

can anything else apart from nicotine trigger pooping
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According to some online forums, VG is also responsible for pooping. Its impact is believed to be much more than nicotine in this context, although there is a lack of evidence in this regard.

VG is one of the key ingredients used in several laxatives. Thus, it is believed that if you are using a mix of 70/30% PG/VG, a sufficient amount of VG goes inside the body by absorbing condensed e-liquid to trigger the poop.

Is Constipation Obvious Due to Nicotine Withdrawal?

If the answer is YES, it supports the fact that nicotine is a laxative. Many studies have found nicotine to trigger a stimulating effect on intestinal movement. So, if this is true, its withdrawal should trigger constipation to some extent, at least.

According to stop-tobacco.ch, constipation is among the common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, although it is likely to decline slowly within the initial one or two months of quitting.

So, Both Smoking and Vaping Trigger Pooping?

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Yes! This is because both of them have nicotine. If taken in more doses, nicotine in any form can even lead to diarrhea. However, both smoking and vaping have their side effects.

What Research Has to Say?

So, what research and studies say about vaping nicotine and bowel movements? Can it trigger diarrhea? Well, there is no certain answer here. This is mainly because most studies have observed the negative impact of smoking nicotine on the body.

Only a couple of links are there between experiencing a bowel movement and vaping or smoking. However, adequate research has been done to prove the negative impact in the form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) whose major symptom is diarrhea.

According to Very Well Health, nicotine can impact the digestive tract negatively, especially in the form of Crohn’s disease. These people are at a higher risk of having this disorder even if they have got rid of nicotine consumption than those who never have consumed it.

So, Should You Vape to Relieve Constipation?

Frankly, you should not vape just for resolving the problem of constipation. For this, there are many natural and healthier remedies. However, if you vape, know that pooping is common, and it should not surprise you.

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